Specializing in complete solutions for 'commercial & industrial' design and construction of office warehouse buildings, canopies and modular mezzanine floors.


Health and Safety


Our ambition is clear             Total Safety

Our policy is simple               Eliminate Hazards

Our goal is extreme               Zero Accidents


Aintree Group will work in partnership with all our team members to provide a safe working environment.  We aim to be the leader in our industry, setting new standards of safety and achieving our goal of zero accidents.


With the involvement of our team members we will:


  • Take the initiative
  • Anticipate unsafe practices
  • Identify hazards and dangerous activities
  • Eliminate hazards at the source
  • Provide training in safety
  • Assist the rehabilitation of incapacitated employees
  • Continuously review and improve our procedures
  • Comply with all statutory regulations
  • Have the courage to say STOP! if we see something wrong