Specializing in complete solutions for 'commercial & industrial' design and construction of office warehouse buildings, canopies and modular mezzanine floors.


Mezzanine Floors


Aintree Modular Mezzanine Floors bring your industrial or retail workspace to a whole new level, transforming unused overhead areas into space that works.


 Our modular mezzanine floor systems can be installed over shelving, machinery, workshop and dispatch areas, this allows work areas to be better organized which in return speeds up productivity and provides a safer working environment.


Aintree Modular Mezzanine Floors are engineered for maximum strength, stability and function and can be erected in single or multi levels making them suitable for almost any industry.


Aintree’s  unique modular kitset designs mean transportation is simple and installation is easy.  This also means they are easily removable if you were to move buildings and they can be simply relocated ensuring that your investment is not wasted.


We take care of all council requirements including managing consents and obtaining producer statements. Manufacturing is done in our own facility minimizing and delays and ensuring faster delivery times.