Specializing in complete solutions for 'commercial & industrial' design and construction of office warehouse buildings, canopies and modular mezzanine floors.


The Aintree Advantage

  • Bulk and location plans done at no cost to the client
  • Initial concepts and design done at no cost to the client
  • Full A3 proposal done with letter of the ‘Turn key’ price done at no cost to the client
  • Complete responsibility and liability with one company
  • Complete coordination of all consultants is handled by Aintree
  • No cost variations due to drawing errors etc
  • Site development and construction techniques unique to Aintree are incorporated for efficiency and    programming advantages
  • Guaranteed project completion and hand over dates
  • Fast tracking of programme as materials are prefabricated during building consent process
  • All Aintree contracts have a penalty clause against Aintree going over completion date
  • Aintree will always save the client money were we can