REM Systems

REM Systems

REM Systems

After REM SYSTEMS had dismissed a few existing property options, Aintree were approached to provide a modern future -proofed property solution.

Accordingly Aintree identified, purchased and sold a turn-key solution to REM SYSTEMS that exceeded their best expectations.

Key features of the site are a high quality, high stud warehouse built as a duplex with the capability of housing two separate business operations, segregated by a 'speedwall'. A large drive thru canopy from one street to another also ensures 24/7 all weather operation capability. This clever idea permits the smaller warehouse to be leased short-term, whilst reserving expansion capability for REM'S growing business.

REM Systems

The building also compromises of an " airport type lounge" with polished concrete floors alongside a high spec 48 seat staged lecture room with high tech audio visual capabilities to serve as center for new surgical product familiarization for surgeons from around the world.

In line with Aintree's environmental and waste management philosophy, the original Pet Hotel which previously occupied the land was recycled and all possible material was sent to Samoa after the devastating Cyclones there, while the concrete floor/foundations were crushed up and re used onsite. 









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